8 Bit Inside is a non-profit cultural association of people that collect vintage computers, peripherals, software, documents and network devices.

In this web site we have gathered the result of years of research, information, images, documents, manuals.

8 Bit Inside‘s mission is common to that of many individuals and communities (such as museums): to preserve and to spread the knowledge of the machines, the people and the stories relevant to the computer age and its evolution.

8 Bit Inside, for this purpose, manages the M I C R O (Museo Interattivo del Computer di ROma) museum.

Though “8 Bit Inside” refers to 8 bit technology, we are not only focused on 8 bit devices, but on every machine belonging to the era before the Intel x86 architecture became the de facto standard. Moreover, our attention goes to all devices of technological interest for some reason: the first of a kind (e.g. the Apple Newton), a peculiar design (e.g. the Olivetti Quaderno) or else.

You can help us: feel free to contribute! Take a look here.


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